Plate Parameters
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Plate Parameters

Plate Parameters: Provide heating for offices, factories, residential buildings, hotels, restaurants, heating and water supply, heating and cooling for air-conditioning systems.

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Product Description

Plate Parameters

Plate type: clip on, snap in, hang on, glue on.


Plate material: 304 316  316L  TI  SMO254    NI  ALLOY-C276


Material  of  PlateSuited  Liquid  Kinds

Stainless  Steel  (SUS304.   316  Etc)Pure  Water,   Normal  Water,   Oil  for  eating,   Mineral  Oil

Ti,   Ti-pdSea  Water,   Saline  Water,   Mineral  Water

20Cr,   18Ni,   6Mo  (254SMO)Dilute  Sulphuric  Acid,   Organic  Water  Solution

NiHigh-temp  and  concentration  caustic  soda

Hastelloy  (C276,   D205,   B2G)Concentration  Sulphuric  Acid,   Hydrochloric  acid,   Phosphoric  acid

Material  of  GasketOperating  Temperature  RangeSuited  Liquid  Kinds

NBR-15~+135°CWater,   Sea  Water,   Mineral  Oil,   Salty  Water

EPDM-25~+180°CHot  Water,   Steam,   Acid,   Caustic

FPM-55~+160°CAcid,   Caustic,   Fluid

VG0~+180°CConcentrated  Acid,   Caustic,   High-temperature  Oil,   Steam

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