Ways to Prevent Fouling of Plate Heat Exchangers


Ways to prevent fouling of plate heat exchangers
During the use of the plate heat exchanger, if you do not pay attention to the treatment of the liquid in it, certain salts will crystallize out of the water when the temperature rises, and adhere to the surface of the heat exchange tube, which will cause scaling.
1. Like scale, when the working conditions of the plate heat exchanger are suitable for the solution to precipitate crystals, the scale layer formed by the crystallization of the material can accumulate on the surface of the heat exchange tube, so it is very important to adjust its working conditions.
2. Adding a polyphosphate buffer to the cooling water can also cause scale to precipitate when the pH of the water is high.
3. When the fluid contains more mechanical impurities and the flow rate of the fluid is low, some mechanical impurities will also deposit in the heat exchanger, forming loose, porous or colloidal dirt, which requires us to do a good job in plate heat exchange Cleaning up of mechanical impurities in the device.
4. The scale formed in the initial stage is relatively soft, but with the formation of the scale layer, the heat transfer conditions deteriorate, the crystal water in the scale gradually loses, and the scale layer becomes hard and firmly adheres to the surface of the heat exchange tube, so pay attention The initial processing is a good time.
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