Plate Heat Exchanger Function


Plate heat exchanger function
1. Central heating
It is suitable for water-water heat exchange system, steam-water heat exchange system and domestic hot water supply system. It plays an important role in rationally distributing heat energy and improving thermal management level.
2. Air conditioning system
It is widely used for the heat exchange of chilled water in the air conditioning system. It can be installed near the condenser between the cooling tower and the condenser, which can play the role of the condenser to prevent corrosion or blockage of the equipment, and save the cost of the chiller in the transition season. operation hours.
3. Pressure blocker for high-rise buildings
In high-rise buildings, HVAC systems that use water, glycol, etc. as heat exchange media often have extremely high static pressure. Using plate heat exchangers as pressure blockers can decompose higher static pressure into Several parts have smaller pressures, thereby reducing the pressure requirements of the system on pumps, valves, cold and hot water units and other equipment, saving equipment investment and operating costs. storage system
The ice storage system using plate heat exchangers can adjust the power grid by shaving peaks and filling valleys. That is, the chiller is used for cooling at night, and ice is stored in the ice storage tank to meet the cooling demand of the next day and reduce the peak load of the air conditioner, thereby effectively saving energy and saving operating costs.
5. Waste heat recovery
In various fields, a large amount of heat is discharged into the surrounding atmosphere along with the waste heat medium every day, resulting in a huge waste of energy. Due to the low investment cost and high thermal efficiency of plate heat exchangers, the heat The temperature difference requirement is extremely low, which can convert waste heat recovery into secondary usable heat energy and use it in preheating conditions.
plate heat exchangers
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