What are the common fault types of brazed plate heat exchangers


The brazed plate heat exchanger is a device for heat exchange through heat conduction. The heat exchange can be two media or more than two media for heat exchange; it has energy saving and environmental protection, small footprint, convenient cleaning, and heat exchange efficiency. Good and so on advantages.

Plate heat exchangers are mainly used for water-to-water heat exchange, water-liquid heat exchange, steam-water heat exchange, steam and liquid heat exchange, and a large amount of domestic waste hot water is generated every day in industries such as hotels, guesthouses, and swimming pools. Workshop circulating water, equipment circulating lubricating oil, compressor waste heat, etc. can all use plate heat exchangers to heat tap water as domestic hot water, etc. It is more appropriate to use plate heat exchangers for waste heat recovery, because plate heat exchangers have Energy saving, small footprint, high heat exchange efficiency, convenient disassembly and assembly, etc.

The main purposes of plate heat exchangers are: heating, evaporating, cooling, and condensing. If daily life drainage is water with heat, it can be used as a heat source to heat tap water. It has better performance in domestic drainage and waste heat utilization, and it can be used as domestic hot water; the same can be done with waste hot water in baths.

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